I am a former Ham Radio fanatic during the eighties and nineties with the following callsigns : F5NPV , FR4FP and FM5GG but due to time consuming activities i was obliged to freeze this hobby . Nowadays i have more spare time and able to come back on the Air . 

As a former Radioman in the navy i am a CW fanatic.

I am currently living in Brunei Darussalam for next 3 to 4 years and for the next few months my call sign will be V85/F5NPV and later i will have a local V85xx callsign .

My Vidéo channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0brsj0nU_QCcmyuGocxLLA

My Easyeda channel : https://easyeda.com/F5NPV

My realtime logbook: http://f5npv.free.fr/F5NPV.htm

The many facets of amateur radio attract practitioners with a wide range of interests. Many amateurs begin with a fascination of radio communication and then combine other personal interests to make pursuit of the hobby rewarding. Some of the focal areas amateurs pursue include radio contestingradio propagation study, public service communicationtechnical experimentation, and computer networking.

This website is dedicated to Home brewers which is the essence of Amateur Radio activity and hobby.

Home Brewing is not an activity from the past

« Service de radiocommunication ayant pour objet l’instruction individuelle, l’intercommunication et les études techniques, effectué par des amateurs, c’est-à-dire par des personnes dûment autorisées, s’intéressant à la technique de la radioélectricité à titre uniquement personnel ,Experimental et sans intérêt pécuniaire »

My Shack and antennae are about 80% Homebrew or Homebuild with a mix of old and modern technology.

It is all about AMATEUR RADIO guys !

In few words , this website is not dedicated to commercial products!

Homebrew SDR and Analog TRX
UBITX V4 fully modified

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15 thoughts on “Home

      1. Love your mods on your ubtix.Do you have a doc file or pdf file showing all the mods ? I would love to see what all the controls you installed on your ubitx. I have an ubitx v6.2
        thanks for reading,


      2. Hello David
        unfortunately no since the UBITX implementation was mostly a day to day process with continuous improvement and mods. There all the mods i mention i put a links to google group or KD6CEC webpage where the mods are well described.
        73s Didier


  1. Hi Didier. Terry VK5TM sent me the item regarding the Power FET 30/40W Pa. At present I am building a Top band AM transceiver……. and Terry and myself are mainly concerned with this. However I am considering a higher power PA and I have built two kits from China of the FET PA’s….. one was 20W and the other 150W.
    The 150W is for my Tri band SSB transceiver and seems to work ok.
    However if I build your final version of the Fet PA……. I do not have the details of the Ferrite components, such as dimensions. They are not mentioned in the article. I wonder if you can send me the details.

    The great thing about Amateur radio is the comradeship and willingness to help others. If you are interested in my Topband AM transceiver… which is still in development, I will willingly send you data.

    King regards
    Wendy G8BZY


    1. Hello Wendy , Regarding ther transformer they are coming from the kit and did not make any measurement on it . I will say the are probably 43 type transformer . According your need the best is to use a BN 43-202 Transformer with little metal tube to achieve a 1:3 . I did some test with different ratio (1:2 and 1:4) but the 1:3 remains the best . initially i had some issue controlling properly the avalanche effect (Thermal runaway) with this kind of MOSFET since they are not really suitable for HF use but with a current limiting system (https://www.ebay.fr/itm/DC-CC-CV-Buck-Converter-Step-down-Power-Supply-Module-300W-20A-6-40V-to-1-2-36V-/172718963804) and the current bias control using 1N4148 diodes is providing a totalling different and reliable amplifier. I am using this little amplifier with my SDR TRX and UBITX with only 0.5 w driving for about 20w output . It is more than enough to drive my tube amplifier. If you have some issue to find the ferrite transformer just drop me an email and i will send a pair for your attention (didier.jarillot@gmail.com)
      73s Didier


    1. Merci, j’adore bricoler et effectivement tout ce que je peux construire qui soit dans mes compétences je le fais . il y a des echecs mais également beaucoup de joie et satisfaction quand cela fonctionne. Bref du radioamateurisme !

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    2. Salut Sebastien , merci pour les essais micro et effectivement les reglages de l’equalizeur sont incroyables. L’audio est vraiment de meilleur qualité . Auparavant effectivement s’etait vraiment tout plat .
      73s Qro Didier


  2. bonjour Didier .J’ai construit un BITX40 avec un ampli mosfet qui fonctionne bien.J’ai voulu faire evoluer l’affichage arduino .Ayant cloné le vfo j’ai reprogrammé l’affichage avec un afficheur 4 lignes .L’arduino nano s’avére trop court .j’ai essyé d’afficher avec un tft 2’8″ mais je me suis planté sur l’achat.j’ai vu que vous aviez realisé cet affichage sur votre UBITX.Le modéle de l’OM est 1938 et je suis a mon troisieme RTX ommade.Je suis maintenat dépassé par la technique.Pourriez vous m’aider a réaliser le vfo TFT que j’ai vu sur votre site.73s amities Bernard F6HGB ex F1FSJ


    1. Salut Bernard, malheureusement je ne connais pas du tout le BITX40 qui est trés different comparé au BITX V4 ou V5. J’ai regardé sur Internet et je n’ai pas trouvé grand chose concernant cette modification


  3. Ce que je voudrais c’est trouver le vfo en kit .je crois que plusieurs OM l’ànt fait .Alors CQ CQ CQ ???
    Merci pour votre treponse.F6HGB


  4. Bonjour Didier
    je te félicite ,de ce que tu apporte à notre passion,as tu un blog en Francais ,juste pour information?


    1. Bonjour,
      Merci, mais malheureusement non je n’ai qu’un blog en langue Anglaise. Normalement les traducteurs fonctionnent plutot pas mal.

      73s Didier


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